Can’t Afford Organic All The Time No Worries, These 15 Foods Have Virtually No Pesticides!

Generally, organic food is much more expensive than non-organic because of the production, distribution costs and the limits of supply and demand, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

The Environmental Working Group is an organization which issues an annual report on lists of foods that are treated most and least with pesticides in North America. This report helps many people to find out which food is healthy and safe to consume, without costing them too much. The report divides the organic food between “dirty dozen” and “clean fifteen”.

In the past few years, as well as nowadays, kale, collard greens and spinach have been enlisted in the dirty dozen list. Therefore, you should opt for organic versions of these vegetables. In this list were also included grapes, apples, bell peppers and cucumbers. All of these foods have a thin skin which cannot protect from the toxic effects of the pesticides.

Foods That Are Almost Completely Pesticide-Free

In the clean fifteen list were enlisted eggplant, avocado, grapefruit and cantaloupe. These foods are known to have minimal rate of pesticides so if your pocket doesn`t allow you to buy organic all the time, you can buy the non-organic versions as well because they are not harmful.

EWG test results showed that there was only 1 percent of any detectable pesticides in all avocados tested, while in 89 percent of all pineapples tested there were zero percent of pesticides detected.

Almost 95% of sweet corn and papaya which are sold on the market are GMO`s, while their percent of pesticides is very low.

Here are some additional tips by Mayo Clinic:

Avoid buying all your foods from a one source. Try to buy different foods from different sources so that you can reduce the exposure to any single pesticide.

Always opt for seasonal food. Locate a local farmer’s market and buy only the freshest food.

Wash well all your produce before consuming it. In this way you will remove the pesticide residues, dirt and bacteria that even organic foods can have.

Make sure you read food labels carefully and sometimes even if it says “organic”, certain junk food made from organic ingredients can contain high amounts of sugar and salt.