These Women Drank a Glass of Tomato Juice for 2 Months: The results were Amazing!

When we say tomato, we think of super food” claim the scientists from renowned medical institutions.

Experts from the University of Taiwan conducted a research in which participated women of different age, weight and origin. They were given one glass of tomato juice (250 ml) on daily basis, for two months.

The first thing the scientists noticed was a remarkable weight loss. Moreover, they added that this was not due to excess water elimination, but to the elimination of accumulated fat.

“Tested women did not change their eating habits or exercise, and after few days the results were obvious”, explained the experts.

In addition, they took blood samples from the tested women at the beginning and at the end of the experiment.

“We noticed significantly lower levels of cholesterol and increased lycopene – an antioxidant in tomatoes, which heavily contributes to the health,” said the researchers.

According to the results, only one glass of tomato juice per day has the ability to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases and protect heart health, boost the immune system, and also lower the risk of cancer development. Furthermore, this drink can also improve digestion, stimulate the elimination of excess fluids, and prevent lung, pancreas, liver and bladder issues.

Tomato juice is also great for skin health and can relieve cough, prevent anemia, ease rheumatic symptoms and improve the blood count.

It is a rich source of magnesium (100 g contain about 11mg), which makes it the perfect beverage for preventing muscle pain and cramps after a long workout.

Also, it is loaded with calcium, potassium, vitamin C, vegetable carbohydrates and proteins.

For natural organic homemade tomato juice you will need 13 pounds of tomatoes, two tablespoons of salt, and four tablespoons of sugar.

How to Prepare:

First, remove the stems. Then wash the tomatoes in cold water. Cut and grind them, put sugar and salt and cook at medium heat.

Make sure you mix frequently in order to prevent burning. Once it starts to boil, cook 10 minutes more, stirring all the time. Put the cooked tomatoes in previously sterilized glass bottles and close well with a lid.

The tomato juice should be stored in a cold place.